Medical Evacuations

Medical evacuation necessitates immediate action and emergency transportation during major disasters. These are serious situations that need to be addressed right away. Due to a lack of medical facilities or the distance to these facilities, soldiers who have been injured in combat frequently go for long periods of time without assistance. Medical evacuation services are useful in these situations.

To medical evacuation camps and facilities, Timberline Helicharters has been providing efficient helicopter service. We transport injured people to the closest hospitals, medical camps, medical evacuation units, or treatment facilities using our helicopters. The company's helicharter service is of a high caliber and standard.

The team of employees engaged in this admirable endeavor stands by their effectiveness, knowledge, and years of experience. They have received thorough training in dealing with medical emergencies, medical evacuations, and other related medical issues. They are aware of exactly what needs to be done to effectively manage their operations and deliver quick helicopter service to medical evacuation units.

Medical Evacuations
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