Rescue Operations

The risk of encountering dangers, disasters, and other events that could result in fatalities is higher when engaging in adventurous activities like skiing and mountaineering. Due to accidents and circumstances, mountaineers and hikers are constantly at risk of falling into the dead pit. Therefore, it is essential that they be well protected using streamlined services that promote personal wellbeing.

With its rescue helicopters, Timberline Helicharters is committed to providing safe modes of transportation for mountaineering, skiing, hiking, disaster management, and mitigation. Through the provision of beneficial transportation services and solutions, we address urgent problems and potentially fatal situations. We get to you as quickly as possible, whether you are in remote locations or disaster-affected areas. We constantly monitor our most secure and economical rescue operations. Modern rescue tools, techniques, and equipment are used in our employee training programs.

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With our extensive network of helicharter services, Timberline Helicharters excels at providing quick action and saving a large number of people in a short amount of time.

Rescue Operations
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